Royally Awaiting the F1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2012

Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2012 - FlyerThis Sunday we visit the Principality of Monaco, to enjoy the next Formula 1 Grand Prix spectacle.  We will be regrouping to watch the recorded GP race event at the Lion & Rose Pub, Alamo Heights location, in their separate non-smoking room.

Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2012 banner - Courtesy of Formula1.comThis tight street Monte Carlo Circuit is known for its difficulty to pass.  Typically, if you qualify well, you will finish well.  But then again, this has been an unpredictable year thus far.  I find this to be an exciting course, with very close action.  And the screaming F1 engines singing in the tunnel…PRICELESS!  This is a race I look forward to seeing…

Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2012, Circuit Detail - Courtesy of Formula1.comMonaco is the richest location on the Formula 1 racing series circuit.  People not only go to see the race, but also go to be seen.  Major bling & glitz factor is here; & of course, the well known Monte Carlo casinos.

Monaco GP wide view of F1 racing on the Monte Carlo CircuitWe hope to see you at the Lion & Rose Pub, this Sunday.  Bring on your royalty, as we RACE ON !

Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2012, Race Art - Courtesy of


CoTA Construction Progress, by the Numbers…

Entering the front straight construction progress of Circuit of The Americas (mid May 2012)

Here’s the latest progress report form Circuit of The Americas, with solid, detailed numbers & facts (our thanks to

Construction is ongoing at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.  Several upgrades are being made, and the project is expected to be finished in the fall.

Here are a few of the updates that are being worked on:

Pit Building

-Window frames are going in

-Approximately 75 percent of the exterior walls are complete

-Approximately 75 percent of the roof is complete

-Painting interior walls

-Getting the garage level ready to pour concrete

Main Grandstand

-Approximately 75 percent of the steel has gone up

-Approximately 100 percent of the pre-cast seating area is done

-Steel on the back of the main grandstand is expected to begin going up next week

-Top floor (suite level) of grandstand expected to be poured by the end of next week

Other updates

-Foundation for pedestrian bridges at T16 and T3 are approximately 75 percent complete

-North parking lot (T11-12) rough-graded, meaning it is ready to receive flex base

-COTA Blvd. from Elroy Rd. is expected to receive flex base by the end of the week, after which paving can begin

-Work continues on the south parking area

-Remainder of piers expected to go up in amphitheater by end of this week

Construction Progress by the Numbers

-3.9 million cubic yards of dirt moved

-870,000 cubic yards of dirt brought to site

-736 tons of steel erected at the Grandstand

-79,000 yards of concrete have been poured

-Approximately 575 workers currently on site

Read more:

Aerial view of CoTA front straight area construction progress (mid May 2012)

Lots of good stuff to review here.  Racing Ready is also looking forward to Formula Expo™, on June 16-17, 2012.  If you’re truly serious about attending the Austin Formula 1 USGP racing event this coming November 2012, you WILL attend this event.

Be there – RACE ON !


Abbreviated Spanish GP Viewing

SAF1C fans – this will be a quick post.  Being Mother’s Day, most of you spent time with your Mom & that was good.  Besides myself, there were just a few F1 race fans in attendance.

Mother's Day Racing

We were able to watch the last 8 laps of this morning’s race, together, in the non-smoking area of the Lion & Rose Pub.  Pub management had some technical difficulty & entire race was not able to be recorded.  They have 2 more weeks to get it figured out for the next SAF1C event on Sunday, May 27th.  We will be enjoying the royal Formula 1 racing events of the Monaco GP.  Get your DVRs ready, though!  That is the same day of the Indianapolis 500…

Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco 2012, Race Art - Courtesy of

So, 5 races into the season & 5 different winners.  Who would have thought?  Shall we make it 6 for 6, next time?  We hope to see more of you in 2 weeks time – RACE ON !


2012 GP de España to Restore F1 Racing Excitement

Formula 1 Gran Premio de Espana Santander 2012 - Image courtesy of

Join us this Sunday for the Formula 1 Gran Premio de España Santander 2012 – SAF1C race watch party, at the Lion & Rose Pub!

Join Us for the Grand Prix de ESPAÑA - a SAF1C Watch Party Event

Formula 1 teams have not been resting on their laurels these past almost 3 weeks.  All have been striving to make the most of last week’s testing at the track, in Mugello, Italy (owned by Ferrari).  This was the first in-season test session since 2008.  They had a limited 3 day window to thoroughly complete their testing, from 01 to 03, May 2012.  This is notable as Fomula1 is very restrictive in the amount in-season testing that had been allowed in previous seasons

Circuit map of the test track at Mugello, Italy - Courtesy of FOWC Limited

Some small strides in handling & improvement have been made by most teams.  We shall see their possibly improved race results at this Spain GP.  Also, the last hours of this test session saw a new, higher nose on the Team McLaren cars of Hamilton & Button.  Will we see that & the accompanying front wing attachment pylons in the race this Sunday?  The configuration has yet to be confirmed…


The circuit at Catalunya in Barcelona is a performance track.  It is characterized by both sweeping & tight turns, with only 1 major straightaway.  History has shown this bumpy track to produce a race affected by a high level of tire wear.  We’ll see what tire performance Pirelli will bring to the circuit, especially in light of Michael Schumacher’s criticism of handling like “raw eggs”.

Catalunya, Barcelona Circuit, for the Formula 1 Gran Premio de Espana Santander 2012

This season has been very dynamic due to the competitive nature of each races’ podium results.  All the drivers & cars have upped their game.  There is no 1 dominant driver or team, like Sebastien Vettel & Red Bull was last year.  So far this F1 season there have been 4 different winners, with eight different drivers competing from six teams on the podium.

Formula 1 champagne podium spray

Tuesday (08, May), I received word that the technical issues for DVR playback in the Lion & Rose Pub, non-smoking room (they call the “dungeon”) have been resolved.  Here’s what Greg Morgan (L&R GM) had to say:


We are replacing the DVD player with another DVD recorder so we can record and play the races in the dungeon without any crossover technical issues.  See you and your club on Sunday if not before.


That should make our viewing experience much more pleasant & focused, for most.  I definitely look forward to this, our next chapter of growth & improvement & appeal for our SAF1C race watch parties series.

Thank You For Not Smoking at SAF1C Events!

So, we’ll see you Sunday May 13th.  Remember, although it’s Mothers Day, why not bring her along, if at least for a quick drive-by cameo & a nice drink for her!  :-)


Bahrain F1 Watch Party Competes with Fiesta San Antonio

The San Antonio F1 Club (SAF1C) was enjoyed by a smaller & more intimate group at The Lion & Rose British Pub, this past April 22nd, 2012 .  All those that attended, enjoyed their first SAF1C watch party.

SAF1C racing fans enjoying the Bahrain GP action at the Lion & Rose Pub

SAF1C race fans enjoying the Bahrain GP at the Lion & Rose PubI was able to debut our new checkerboard racing tablecloth for the information & signup table…thanks to the sewing talents of my daughter, Korina!

SAF1C Bahrain GP Sign up & Info table at the Lion & Rose Pub

It was a good race that was enjoyed by all.  I’m figuring that many previous watch party attendees were possibly involved in Fiesta San Antonio activities.  Regardless, we enjoyed  “Celebrating The Formula One Fiesta!”.

SAF1C race fans enjoying the Bahrain race action at the Lion & Rose Pub

Here the SAF1C Trivia Challenge winners – Napoleon won the Formula 1 USGP bumper sticker, Daniel won 1/2 dozen of cascarones to better celebrate Fiesta with.

SAF1C Trivia Contest winners: Napoleon & Daniel !

As mentioned in the previous post, it’s been a long couple of weeks to wait it out, to see the next SAF1C race watch party.  Coordinate your plans now, especially with your Mom.  The Spanish GP with take place on this coming Sunday, May 13th, which is also Mother’s Day!  If you can’t make it, we’ll understand.  But then again, maybe your can bring Mom along?  You could enjoy some Lion & Rose Pub specials, like these:

The Lion & Rose Pub Bahrain GP Specials at the SAF12C Watch Party

Plans are being worked on to move our event to a non-smoking section within the same Lion & Rose Pub, at the Alamo Heights location.  Management has had some technical challenges, but they DO want this room to work for us.

We’ll see you on May 13th!


On The Edge For the 2012 Bahrain GP Watch Party

The running of the 2012 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix has been in doubt for almost a year.  According to the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) it has been confirmed that this race will take place this coming Sunday, April 22nd, 2012.

Join Us For the SAF1C Bahrain GP Race Watch Party, at the Lion & Rose Pub!

The San Antonio F1 Club (SAF1C) will again have a race watch party to enjoy.  This will be at the same venue we’ve enjoyed the first 3 Formula 1 races, thus far, this season.  We will be at The Lion & Rose British Pub (Alamo Heights location), starting this Sunday, April 22nd at 1:30pm, to be “Celebrating The Formula One Fiesta!”.

2012 FORMULA 1 GULF AIR BAHRAIN GRAND PRIX - Track Map, courtesy of

Tomorrow starts Fiesta, here in San Antonio, Texas.  This race party event will be your LAST CHANCE to enjoy Formula 1 action with your fellow racing fans, for 3 weeks.  That’s right, the following Grand Prix will be the Spain (ESPAÑA) GP which will not take place until May 13th, 2012.  That seems SO far away!

2012 Formula 1 Spain [España] GP, visual sneak peak...

With Mercedes running so strong, are we finally going to see a Formula 1 race win by Michael Schumacher?  He is SO overdue & the Mercedes team is doing well – witness Nico Rosberg’s first pole & victory last weekend at the Chinese GP.

Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team - Nico Rosberg

Regardless, this Sunday’s 2012 Bahrain GP should prove a challenge to the teams.  The circuit’s track width varies toward the ends of the straights, forcing the drivers to take differing race lines around the variety of corners, all 23 of them!  Again, like the Circuit of The Americas (CoTA), being built just south of Austin, this track is another class Hermann Tilke design.

San Antonio F1 Club (SAF1C) - Race Watch Party Sign

Look for these signs at the Lion & Rose Pub entrances.  We look forward to seeing all of you at our next SAF1C Race Watch Party!  RACE ON !


Chinese GP Race Party Was A Shanghai Thriller

Today, more Formula 1 fans attended the San Antonio F1 Club (SAF1C) watch party.  This was our 3rd get-together.  We had about 20 fans – our numbers continue to grow!

SAF1C fans watching the 2012 Chinese GP at the Lion & Rose PubHere’s an overview of today’s SAF1C welcome & introduction:

  • Thanks for participating, this is what the San Antonio F1 Club (SAF1C) is about…
  • This is our 3rd race watch party – we are gaining momentum!
  • Sign up for reminders, look over the information here & visit
  • I will be working with the founders of in 2 weeks to learn how to better promote SAF1C via:
    • Other F1-related events
    • Possible group participation specials
    • And more…
  • What you can do?  Share your Formula 1 passion with fellow F1 fans – direct them to the website with these SAF1C cards
  • Feedback & suggestions are encouraged & greatly appreciated – please e-mail me at:
    • With participating sponsors we’d be able to provide better door prizes, giveaway items & plan other special events
  • The 2012 IndyCar Series runs today, at Long Beach
  • We are hoping & planning that next week’s Grand Prix race in Bahrain will happen (April 22nd)!
  • We look forward to seeing you here again, next Sunday, at the Lion & Rose Pub!


More SAF1C fans watching the 2012 Chinese GP at the Lion & Rose PubHere are the SAF1C trivia questions for the door prizes.  Hint: these were from the Formula 1 Debrief & Qualifying broadcasts on the SPEED Channel…

  • Question:  Although Lewis Hamilton qualified in 2nd place, he is starting the race in 7th position.  WHY?
  • Tiebreaker 1:  How often & where can the DRS (drag reduction system) be used during qualifying?
  • Tiebreaker 2:  With Fernando Alonso’s 28th F1 career win in Malaysia, this places him 5th on the all time winners list.  Who did he break a tie with?
  • Answer:  The team decided it necessary to replace the gearbox, thereby penalizing him 5 positions back on the grid.
  • T-1:  During qualifying, DRS can be used wherever & whenever the driver warrants its use to get a faster lap – this favored the Mercedes team with their controversial “F-duct” system.
  • T-2:  Sir Jackie Stewart

SAF1C infromation, sign up & trivia challenge table at for the 2012 Chinese GP, at the Lion & Rose PubOnce again, the Lion & Rose Pub, at Alamo Heights, came up with some good food & drink specials.  See below what you might have missed:

Lion & Rose Pub food & drink specials, at the SAF1C race party for the 2012 Chinese GPSusan & Matt were the happy fans that won the door prizes, a Sutton Motorsports Images hat & a limited edition sticker.

2012 Chinese GP Trivia Winners with SAF1C at Lion & Rose PubThe last few laps, especially the racing for third place between Lewis Hamilton & both members of the Red Bull Team, Webber & Vettel, were very exciting, wheel to wheel action.  Many fans were yelling their encouragement & excitement with the edge of your seat action.  This is what these watch parties are all about; fans sharing their enthusiasm for the Formula 1 drivers, teams & the resultant racing action!

Lion & Rose Pub racing action, watching the 2012 Chinese GP with SAF1CAgain, thanks to all that showed up.  We look forward to seeing  all of you (& more) next Sunday at the Lion & Rose in Alamo Heights, at 1:30pm – RACE ON!

We really enjoyed “Celebrating the Formula One Fiesta!”