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This is the website home of the F1 Club for Formula One fans located in San Antonio, Texas. F1 racing is coming to Austin, Texas, less than 90 minutes away! Let's organize together for local F1 race watching parties!

Last Formula 1 Race of the Summer – 2012 Hungary GP

This coming weekend’s Formula 1 Grand Prix race, the Hungary GP (also known as the 2102 Formula 1 EIN MAGYAR NAGYDIJ 2012), will be the last Formula 1 race for this summer!  We will be starting at 11:00AM, at the Lion & Rose Pub (Alamo Heights location) – they will be opening early for us, about 10:30AM.

FORMULA 1 EIN MAGYAR NAGYDIJ 2012, aka, 2012 Hungarian GP

This will also be the last SAF1C Race Watch Party, until this coming Fall.  We will be without ANY Formula 1 racing action for 5 weeks!  (That next GP race will be the Belgian GP on Sunday, September 2nd.)

MAJOR Formula 1 withdrawal … :-(

Here’s a bit more details about the Hungaroring circuit, to help you get familiarized.  Passing is extremely difficult and the daytime temperatures get quite hot.  I would not have thought Hungary to have a hot summer climate.  Drivers consider this round of the Formula 1 series to one of the most physically demanding.  To help drivers deal with the heat, they use various methods to keep their body cool. They drink many fluids throughout this race, & some drivers even wear special vests designed to keep the body core cool.

FORMULA 1 ENI MAGYAR NAGYDÍJ 2012, the circuit layout for the 2012 Hungarian GP

Here’ a different overview & safety analysis insight from the folks at Allianz – good stuff:

2012 Hungary GP - Allianz Track Safety AnalysisAnd now for a “swag” teaser…
By paying attention to the Formula 1 Debrief, Practices & Qualifying broadcast on Speed on the days prior to the race event, you should be knowledgeable enough to do well on this week’s SAF1C Trivia Challenge.  Up for grabs are 2 very nice items:

  • a FORMULA 1, United States, Austin, Texas 2012 cap – ivory color
  • a Red Bull Team winning photo from the 2011 Melbourne GP – 8″ x 12″, by Sutton Images

These are both worth your attending & participating:  see swag pictures here.  In addition, the Lion & Rose Management has sweetened the pot.  If we have at least 5 fans show up for the party, they will donate a fun T-shirt as a giveaway – no F1 knowledge needed for this one, just luck!

Join us at the Lion & Rose for the Hungarian GP SAF1C Race Watch Party 2012

Se, hope to see you there this Sunday by 11:00AM!

2012 Hungary GP Poster, aka, Formula 1 Eni Magyar Nagydu 2012



2012 Hockenheim German GP – Three-peat for Alonso!

The German San Antonio F1 Club – Race Watch Party was a no show event. That was too bad, as we all missed a great way to share the Formula 1 racing action with enthusiastic fans.  I was there, & after waiting for 1/2 hour, I packed up & went home to watch the German GP at home, on my own.  This was not at all the fun, watching experience we know it to be with the SAF1C group!

These are the items displayed on the SAF1C Info & Prizes table at the German GP event!

I hope you can make it out next weekend (Sunday, July 29, 2012) as this will be the last race watch party until after the summer break until Labor Day weekend (September 2, 2012).  The race will be the Grand Prix of Belgium.

The German GP was a good race, surprisingly run in full, dry sunshine after 2 rainy days of practice & qualifying.  Fernando Alonso convincingly took the pole, defended his position & ran with it to win, for his third win of the season.  I’m sure the German home crowd fans were disappointed in not having a German driver win.

Alonso wins the 2012 German GP & starts pre-celebrating with members of his crew

For your information & ongoing Formula 1 education, here are the trivia/door prizes questions I had prepared:

There have been more blocking & side-to-side racing accidents recently.  What is the ruling that F1 race Director Charlies Whitting has clarified regarding this?

What turns at this Hockenheim track are reproduced where at the  Circuit of The Americas (CoTA) track?

Here are the answers:

Q1 answer – the ruling & the clarification:
“Any driver defending his position on a straight, and before any braking area, may use the full width of the track during his first move provided no significant portion of the car attempting to pass is alongside his. ”
“Whilst defending in this way, the driver may not leave the track without justifiable reason.”
To clarify the ruling, he added: “For the avoidance of doubt, if any part of the front wing of the car attempting to pass is alongside the rear wheel of the car in front this will be deemed to be a ‘significant portion’.”

Tiebreaker answer:
At CoTA, turns 12 through 15 give a nod to Hockenheim’s stadium section (see comparison graphic below):

Track layout comparison - Hockenheim vs. Circuit of The Americas

And here are the actual prizes you could have earned  These will be up for grabs next weekend for the SAF1C Race Watch Party of the Hungary GP.  But to win, you first have to attend

SAF1C Swag Giveaway Prizes for F1 GP Fans! You must attend for a chance to win...

Looking forward to seeing you at the Lion & Rose next Sunday for the last Formula 1 GP event until next fall.  I will update you as to the actual race watch party time, but I’m pretty sure it will still be 1:30pm…



Further 2012 German Grand Prix, Hockenheimring Details

It was brought to my attention, by one of our fellow, ardent SAF1C Fans, that Sunday’s Formula 1 German Grand Prix (at the Hockenheimring), will actually be same-day delayed broadcast at 11:00AM CST on KABB/29.

The famed grandstand section of curves at the Hockenheimring

I will still hold firm to the 1:30PM SAF1C Race Watch Party time, as previously announced.  By the time you read this, I will have already coordinated this recording time modification with the Lion & Rose Pub management.  Besides, I think we get better attendance at the 1:30PM time.   Thanks Lee!

1:30PM - SAF1C Race Watch Party Start Time!

Going back in time, the track was originally designed to be about 8KM (about 5 miles) long & then later shortened to 6.8KM (a little over 4 miles).  Drivers were flying through the long, curving straights of the German forest, interrupted by passing opportunity induced chicanes.  There was hardly a place for fans to enjoy the high speed racing action.  Here are some images of the former, very extensive track circuit.

Former Hockenheimring German GP layout logo

Former Hockenheimring German GP layout, with curve names

Former Hockenheimring German GP layout, with current layout shown...

Track designer/architect Hermann Tilke was tapped to redesign the Hockenheimring layout after the ill-fated 2000 German GP race there.  He was tasked to make this track safer, shorter & more entertaining for fans.  This is the track we see being raced on today…



German GP Has Mutiple German Drivers Vying To Win

Another Formula 1 race comes up this weekend, on July 22nd, 2012.  We all know it as the German Grand Prix, but officially it is titled “FORMULA 1 GROSSER PREIS SANTANDER VON DEUTSCHLAND 2012”.  With 7 German drivers wanting the pride of winning their home Grand Prix, will the competition level increase even further?  Can “Schumi” win?

The 2012 German GP, aka, FORMULA 1 GROSSER PREIS SANTANDER VON DEUTSCHLAND 2012This next race in the 2012 Formula 1 series takes place at the Hockenheim circuit (aka Hockenheimring).  It is currently 4.57 km (2.84 miles) in length, having been modified many times throughout its history (since 1939).  The feature of this track (seen above), that all fans who have been there will note, is the stadium section (turns 12 thru 17).  Here is where fans can get a good look at the F1 cars & their drivers.  At Circuit of The Americas, turns 12 thru 16 have been made to approximate these turns, with the specially engineered track by circuit designer Hermann Tilke.

Hockenheim Circuit for the 2012 German GP

We are going back to the previous schedule of watching the race at 1:30PM (it will have been recorded earlier at 7am – whoops, see my correction post).  As usual, we will be at the Lion & Rose Pub in Alamo Heights.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Join Us for the German GP, at the Lion & Rose Pub!Also, remember that we always reward 2 door prizes for current Formula 1 /Circuit of The Americas trivia.  To prepare, be sure to watch the Formula 1 practices,  debrief & qualifying.  That’s where the trivia questions usually come from (& also sometimes in these articles on this blog)!



Rainless British GP at Silverstone Delivers in the Dry

SAF1C entrance to the Lion & Rose Pub 'Dungeon'

Just got back from another in our series of fast & friendly SAF1C Race Watch Parties.  This was our 9th consecutive party at the Lion & Rose Pub (at Alamo Heights).  We had a small but enthusiastic gathering of faithful Formula 1 fans.

SAF1C enthusiasts viewing  the 2012 British Grand Prix

Watching the teams deal with race car chassis set up from qualifying in the rain (on an unexpectedly dry track) & having them gamble with the hard vs. medium Pirelli tire choices was entertaining.  With all the curves at the Silverstone circuit, there was a LOT of side-by-side racing & challenging passing in the variety of turns on the Silverstone course.

Button (McLaren) trying to race around Alonso (Ferrari) at the 2012 British GP - Courtesy of www.formula1onlive.com

Seeing Alonso seem to run away with an almost win, it was exciting to experience Webber’s pass for the lead with just 3 laps remaining.  Overall, although it didn’t rain, it was a satisfying Formula 1 race to enjoy in the company of ardent F1 race fans.  If you missed out, we’ll be gathering again in 2 weeks for the German GP at Spa, on July 22nd!  Same tine, same station – 11:00am at the Lion & Rose Pub at Alamo Heights.

Webber of Red Bull passes Alonso of Ferrari in 2012 British GP to win! - Courtesy of Getty Images for Red Bull Racing

One of our new SAF1C fans works for Avanade, which recently signed up to sponsor the Lotus F1 team of drivers Kimi Räikkönen & Romain Grosjean.  You will have to look carefully, but from above their Lotus E20 race cars you can see the Avanade logo on either side of the cockpit.  That’s cool!

Lotus F1 & Avanade partnering sponsorship - check out the Lotus E20 cockpit sides!

I would really appreciate it if you SAF1C Race Watch Party fans could assist me in locating another venue.   We are doing just fine with the Lion & Rose Pub, but I’d like to be able to offer another venue option, too!  The criteria are:

  • Clear audio
  • A good-sized flatscreen video monitor (or more!)
  • A nice variety of eats & drinks
  • But the key link is the ability to record the race for later viewing.

Please let me know what you can find!  More Formula 1 race experiences & possible partnering relationships to come.  Stay tuned & RACE ON !


British GP to Play Out at Silverstone Circuit – Will It Rain?

The next Formula 1 Grand Prix race will take place at the well-revered UK track, Silverstone.  It could be a cloudy & wet race, based on the practice laps, so far.  I like to see a wet race – that’s the element that seems to separate the men from the boys.  Just remember Aryton Senna’s racing prowess in the wet!!!

2012 Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix

Here in San Antonio, we will once again enjoy the race as a group (SAF1C), at the Lion & Rose Pub, in their Alamo Heights location.  As was done at the last 2 viewings, we will be watching this “LIVE” (actually it will be somewhat tape delayed).  So, we will start our Race Watch Party at 11:00AM, this Sunday, July 8th, 2012.  That is the pub’s actual opening time, but they should be able to open for us a few minutes early.  They were able to last time…

2012 Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix - Silverstone Circuit

The British GP at Silverstone has a lot of Formula 1 history, since 1949.  The circuit is so well regarded that 2+ of its sinewy, chicane-like curves, Maggots & Becketts (see turns 10 thru 13 above), have been reproduced in turns 3 thru 6 of the Tilke-designed track at “our” new Circuit of The Americas track (see below).  Now, THAT is cool!

Circuit of The Amrericas circuit - showing 'Maggots & Becketts' detail...

Silverstone is a 5.89 kilometer (3.66 miles) circuit with 18 turns.  It is characterized by a variety of curves that have been modified numerous times throughout its 60+ years of racing history.  As usual, it should make for a good race & lend more to the unpredictability of who will win this coming Sunday…rain or shine.

Join Us for the 2012 British GP - SAF1C Race Watch Party

We hope to see you there – GO RACE !


Alonso Wins to Break F1 Winner Streak at Europe GP

Yesterday’s Formula 1 race at the European Grand Prix was very engaging.  Although our group was not large in number, it was made up from enthusiastic fans’ shouts of joy, groans of disappointment & wows of disbelief.

SAF1C race fans captured at the Lion & Rose Pub watching the Europe GP

The 8th SAF1C Race Watch Party was attended by dedicated Formula 1 fans from as far away as Elroy, Texas (the sleepy little town where the Circuit of The Americas [CoTA] track is being built).  Once again this race was broadcast on a time-delayed “LIVE” basis on FOX.  We started at 11:00AM, which I also found out is the the actual opening time of the Lion & Rose Pub (Alamo Heights location).  That was an interesting challenge…

SAF1C race fans enjoying the F1 racing action of the Europe GP at the Lion & Rose Pub

Watching Vettel of Red Bull take off & build up an amazing 20 second lead, to be followed by a DNF after 34 racing laps was a heartbreak.  He was then followed by another Renault engine failure by Romain Grosjean of Lotus on lap 41.  There were some other offs & accidental contacts.  Especially surprising was that one that Lewis Hamilton & Pastor Maldonado were involved in.  Although judgement has been laid down against Maldonado, I still think Hamilton was partially to blame.

Hamilton gets punted by Maldonado in 2012 Europe GP

Seeing Alonso win & break the 7 consecutive unique race winners was kind of anticlimactic.  We were ALL very pleased to see Michael Schumacher get on the podium in 3rd place!

Michael Schumacher very pleased with 3rd place podium finish at 2012 Europe GP

This was a good race & a fun race watch party!  We’ll be back at the Lion & Rose Pub (Alamo Heights location) in 2 weeks.  We will be experiencing the Santander British Grand Prix at the Silverstone Circuit.

Stay tuned & GO RACE !