My SAF1C Facilitation Ends – Formula 1 Season Moves On

SO LONG... San Antonio F1 ClubIt is with mixed feelings that I announce this.  I will no longer organize & facilitate this race watch party group I nurtured & grew to be known as the San Antonio F1 Club.  The 2012 Formula 1 season was full of action and 2013 promises to continue with the same momentum, with broadcast duties to be driven by NBC Sports instead of SPEED… Unfortunately I cannot.

the universal 'undo'

I’d be very happy if one of you fans wanted to continue to “carry the torch”.  Heck, I’d even offer to transfer the blog & domain to you (let’s talk)!  The 2013 F1 race season begins 1 month from this past Sunday, March 17th, 2013, in Melbourne, Australia.  In addition, I’d connect you with Scott Brown, Infiniti Sales Manager, to coordinate the San Antonio Infiniti Dealership sponsorship he offered.  So, there is plenty of time to organize this; if your desire is there, contact me!  It’s no longer up to me.  :-( updated logo

In the meantime, I found a fellow F1 race party enthusiast who resides in Charlotte, NC.  We got in touch over a month ago to discuss the challenges of organizing a race watch party group.  His name is Bojan Held & he has organized – Formula 1 Fan Club.  He has been releasing multiple, F1-targeted blog posts & recently landed a venue for their race watch parties.  I mention this as Bojan is a very involved fan.  His blog promises to keep us up to date frequently during the upcoming Formula season (since you will no longer receive any F1 updates via the San Antonio F1 Club blog).  Therefore, I strongly suggest bookmarking as one of your F1-related browser links to visit regularly.

Thank you all, SAF1C.  Going, but not forgotten.  It was a good F1 ride!

Dan Scanlon – “…wannabe to real racer!”


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This is the website home of the F1 Club for Formula One fans located in San Antonio, Texas. F1 racing is coming to Austin, Texas, less than 90 minutes away! Let's organize together for local F1 race watching parties!
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2 Responses to My SAF1C Facilitation Ends – Formula 1 Season Moves On

  1. Bojan Held says:

    I am sorry to hear that you are closing shop… but I understand organizing something like this takes a lot of time.

    Thank you for all the support you provide for and please stay active in our community.

    All The Best,


  2. Dan Scanlon says:

    Thank you, Bojan!

    I reviewed your new race watch party venue at Victory Lane Karting ( Wow, that’s a GREAT facility that seems to have a consistent number of racing enthusiast fans. You should have no trouble generating a good following.

    Good luck!
    Racing Ready Dan

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