Infiniti Dealer Considering SAF1C Sponsorship

INFINITI RED BULL RACINThe Infiniti premium automobile brand will be the title sponsor of the Red Bull Racing Team in Formula 1, this year.  For the last 3 years this team has been dominated by driver’s championship winner Sebastien Vettel.  I felt it appropriate to approach the local Infinti dealership to inquire if they would like to become an influential part of our race watch party experience.

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I sat down with Gunn Infiniti Dealership General Manager Scott Brown last week.  We came to an initial agreement that he would like  his dealership to participate with the San Antonio Formula 1 Club this 2013 race season.  We agreed we will still have the same logistical challenges as last year.  These are:

  • a venue that is F1 fan friendly & hopefully has some prior F1 knowledge
  • the ability record & later playback 2+ hours of F1 racing broadcast at that venue

I know we had both of these covered at the Lion & Rose Pub in Alamo Heights last year.  But I feel we can do better & also step up our level of F1 fan participation this year.

Scott is willing to promote these events via their Gunn Infiniti Dealership Facebook page & to their customer base.  He will also be contacting other parties of influence within the Gunn dealership family.  In addition, he wants to bring along an Infinti vehicle to display, some Infiniti product literature & select Infiniti giveaway swag.

The San Antonio Gunn Infiniti Dealership location logistics could be better.  Scott has no issue with our group meeting there (thinking corporate would have no problem), as they are closed on Sundays.  But the viewing space they have includes a relatively small 36″ flat screen mounted very high on the wall, with no premium channels access & no recording capability.  Scott & I agreed that having the F1 race watch experience at a 3rd party location would be best (unless somebody has a spare big screen & available DVR, anybody?).

So, as a SAF1C participant (past & future), here’s where you come in.  We have all been able to visit different local eating and/or sports entertainment venues.  I NEED for you help/share/research a new venue location for us.  You’ve seen where we were last year & the logistics of what is necessary.  The major challenge is to find a venue that has NBC Sports Channel broadcast  recording capability.  So, please help us have a better SAF1C this year!

As you progress in finding a suitable location, feel free to e-mail me at: dan@racingready.  Also, please share your location ideas, questions & suggestions with all of us in the Comments section.

Thank you & GO RACE!  We’ve only about 2 months to get ready.  The first Formula 1 race of 2013 is 63 days away, on St. Patrick’s Day, Sunday, March 17th, in Melbourne, Australia.


P.S. – A few days ago I spoke with Bojan Held from Charlotte, NC.  He is starting a race watch party group in his city.  I have added his blog (Charlotte Formula 1 Fan Club) to the Blogroll in the upper right of this page.  Feel free to see what he’s posted thus far…

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