Korean GP May Dust Up the F1 Driver/Team Standings

This Sunday will be the 2012 Korean GP, but first I will confirm our next SAF1C Race Watch Party at the Lion & Rose Pub.  There was pitifully little feedback from fans of SAF1C, but there was just enough response for me to continue this series of parties.  :-)

Lion & Rose Britsh Pub - Union Jack logoTherefore, the SAF1C Korean Grand Prix Race Watch Party is scheduled for this Sunday (10/14) at 3:00PM at the Lion & Rose Pub (in Alamo Heights).  I confirmed this yesterday with the L+R management.  Although I am sending this out last minute, I would hope for you to consider watching this F1 race with me & other like-minded F1 race fans.

2012 Formula 1 Korean Grand Prix bannerWatching the practice & qualifying sessions for the Korean GP, I cannot understand why this track is never used for any other racing events throughout the year.  As such, it was a dusty, slippery challenge for all the Formula 1 drivers – traction was at a premium!

Michael Schumacher blows through a dusty corner in practice for 2012 Korean GP - Courtesy of Associated Press

This is only the third year of competition at this Tilke-designed track called the Korea International Circuit, at Yeongam, South Korea.  Its design was created with passing opportunities in mind.  Multiple long straights, with slow, wide but tight turns should help to keep the competitors’ running order in a constant state of flux.

2012 Formula 1 Korean Grand Prix track circuit diagram

Qualifying spoiler alert:  With the Red Bull Team front row, we saw Webber pull off the pole position in the last few seconds of Q3, snatching it away from Vettel!

Other news:  The SPEED staff found out, just late yesterday, that Formula 1 will not renew broadcasting in the USA with them.  This starts next year, after 17 fulfilling years.  F1 plans to switch over to NBC.  It was somewhat emotional reading through Will Buxton’s Tweets about the heart wrenching roller-coaster he was experiencing!  Here are his most recent thoughts about his passing SPEED opportunity.  This is a GOOD read…

Formula 1 continues to be a dynamic sport, always surprising us at every turn.  The San Antonio F1 Club hopes to see you at the Lion & Rose Pub (Alamo Heights) before 3:00PM, tomorrow afternoon (Sunday, 1o/14/2012)!  I don’t want to be surprised by a lack of turnout…



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