Japanese GP Figures to Challenge at Suzuka & No Party!

The Suzuka circuit is unique on the Formula 1 season calendar.  Its “figure-8” track configuration, I think, is the “most fair” for a race car’s set up.  You have a mostly equal amount of left & right turns.  Many say this track is very demanding of both car & driver, having been designed originally as a test track facility by Honda in 1962.  It has hosted the Japanese GP since 1987.  This Formula 1 race is round 15 in the 2012 series.

Do We Save SAF1C?

The San Antonio F1 Club (SAF1C) had attempted to facilitate another Race Watch Party at the Lion & Rose Pub.  Unfortunately, there will be NO F1 race viewing  this coming Sunday at the L+R. Pub.  We have been pre-empted by a larger than life soccer match viewing that will take over most of the Pub.  This is the match between Real Madrid & Barcelona at 1:00pm.  Please schedule & program your DVRs for the Japanese GP at the Suzuka circuit on SPEED, for your own F1 GP race viewing pleasure.

I must mention… the number of F1 fans who have actually shown up recently has been pitifully small.  I’m sure those of us who do participate enjoy the experience.  I know I do.  But it takes a lot of effort on my part to coordinate these parties at the Lion & Rose Pub, obtain nice give-away swag prizes, research trivia questions,  & prepare, set up & publicize all of this.  Bottom line, the return on investment is nil or less – my time is worth more than that!  Continuing as we are, I do not want to do!!!

After Sunday’s Japan GP, there are only 5 Formula 1 races left this 2012 season:

  • The Korea GP – October 7th
  • The India GP – October 14th
  • The Abu Dhabi GP – November 4th
  • The Austin USGP – November 18th !!! (Of course I will be there, at the GP, not in San Antonio!)
  • & The Brazil GP – November 25th

So… do we as a group want to continue our Race Watch Parties through the end of this season?  Do we want to look for another venue that is willing to work with us?  I will visit once again with The Lion & Rose Pub management to see if we can get back on their Sunday schedule for the Korea GP on Sunday, October 7th.  Frankly, if I don’t hear any enthusiastic response for continuing this SAF1C Race Watch Party series, then I’m sorry – that will be it!

If you want to improve the probability of the return of the SAF1C Race Watch Parties, PLEASE get with your fellow race enthusiast friends & acquaintances.  Also, follow up with me via e-mail.  We need to show the Pub that our numbers count as a worthwhile event to host.  This is NOT the way I wanted to get involved in the Formula 1 “silly season”!

So, we won’t see you Sunday, but look forward to your enthusiastic feedback from you…



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