Last Formula 1 Race of the Summer – 2012 Hungary GP

This coming weekend’s Formula 1 Grand Prix race, the Hungary GP (also known as the 2102 Formula 1 EIN MAGYAR NAGYDIJ 2012), will be the last Formula 1 race for this summer!  We will be starting at 11:00AM, at the Lion & Rose Pub (Alamo Heights location) – they will be opening early for us, about 10:30AM.

FORMULA 1 EIN MAGYAR NAGYDIJ 2012, aka, 2012 Hungarian GP

This will also be the last SAF1C Race Watch Party, until this coming Fall.  We will be without ANY Formula 1 racing action for 5 weeks!  (That next GP race will be the Belgian GP on Sunday, September 2nd.)

MAJOR Formula 1 withdrawal … :-(

Here’s a bit more details about the Hungaroring circuit, to help you get familiarized.  Passing is extremely difficult and the daytime temperatures get quite hot.  I would not have thought Hungary to have a hot summer climate.  Drivers consider this round of the Formula 1 series to one of the most physically demanding.  To help drivers deal with the heat, they use various methods to keep their body cool. They drink many fluids throughout this race, & some drivers even wear special vests designed to keep the body core cool.

FORMULA 1 ENI MAGYAR NAGYDÍJ 2012, the circuit layout for the 2012 Hungarian GP

Here’ a different overview & safety analysis insight from the folks at Allianz – good stuff:

2012 Hungary GP - Allianz Track Safety AnalysisAnd now for a “swag” teaser…
By paying attention to the Formula 1 Debrief, Practices & Qualifying broadcast on Speed on the days prior to the race event, you should be knowledgeable enough to do well on this week’s SAF1C Trivia Challenge.  Up for grabs are 2 very nice items:

  • a FORMULA 1, United States, Austin, Texas 2012 cap – ivory color
  • a Red Bull Team winning photo from the 2011 Melbourne GP – 8″ x 12″, by Sutton Images

These are both worth your attending & participating:  see swag pictures here.  In addition, the Lion & Rose Management has sweetened the pot.  If we have at least 5 fans show up for the party, they will donate a fun T-shirt as a giveaway – no F1 knowledge needed for this one, just luck!

Join us at the Lion & Rose for the Hungarian GP SAF1C Race Watch Party 2012

Se, hope to see you there this Sunday by 11:00AM!

2012 Hungary GP Poster, aka, Formula 1 Eni Magyar Nagydu 2012



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