Rainless British GP at Silverstone Delivers in the Dry

SAF1C entrance to the Lion & Rose Pub 'Dungeon'

Just got back from another in our series of fast & friendly SAF1C Race Watch Parties.  This was our 9th consecutive party at the Lion & Rose Pub (at Alamo Heights).  We had a small but enthusiastic gathering of faithful Formula 1 fans.

SAF1C enthusiasts viewing  the 2012 British Grand Prix

Watching the teams deal with race car chassis set up from qualifying in the rain (on an unexpectedly dry track) & having them gamble with the hard vs. medium Pirelli tire choices was entertaining.  With all the curves at the Silverstone circuit, there was a LOT of side-by-side racing & challenging passing in the variety of turns on the Silverstone course.

Button (McLaren) trying to race around Alonso (Ferrari) at the 2012 British GP - Courtesy of www.formula1onlive.com

Seeing Alonso seem to run away with an almost win, it was exciting to experience Webber’s pass for the lead with just 3 laps remaining.  Overall, although it didn’t rain, it was a satisfying Formula 1 race to enjoy in the company of ardent F1 race fans.  If you missed out, we’ll be gathering again in 2 weeks for the German GP at Spa, on July 22nd!  Same tine, same station – 11:00am at the Lion & Rose Pub at Alamo Heights.

Webber of Red Bull passes Alonso of Ferrari in 2012 British GP to win! - Courtesy of Getty Images for Red Bull Racing

One of our new SAF1C fans works for Avanade, which recently signed up to sponsor the Lotus F1 team of drivers Kimi Räikkönen & Romain Grosjean.  You will have to look carefully, but from above their Lotus E20 race cars you can see the Avanade logo on either side of the cockpit.  That’s cool!

Lotus F1 & Avanade partnering sponsorship - check out the Lotus E20 cockpit sides!

I would really appreciate it if you SAF1C Race Watch Party fans could assist me in locating another venue.   We are doing just fine with the Lion & Rose Pub, but I’d like to be able to offer another venue option, too!  The criteria are:

  • Clear audio
  • A good-sized flatscreen video monitor (or more!)
  • A nice variety of eats & drinks
  • But the key link is the ability to record the race for later viewing.

Please let me know what you can find!  More Formula 1 race experiences & possible partnering relationships to come.  Stay tuned & RACE ON !


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