British GP to Play Out at Silverstone Circuit – Will It Rain?

The next Formula 1 Grand Prix race will take place at the well-revered UK track, Silverstone.  It could be a cloudy & wet race, based on the practice laps, so far.  I like to see a wet race – that’s the element that seems to separate the men from the boys.  Just remember Aryton Senna’s racing prowess in the wet!!!

2012 Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix

Here in San Antonio, we will once again enjoy the race as a group (SAF1C), at the Lion & Rose Pub, in their Alamo Heights location.  As was done at the last 2 viewings, we will be watching this “LIVE” (actually it will be somewhat tape delayed).  So, we will start our Race Watch Party at 11:00AM, this Sunday, July 8th, 2012.  That is the pub’s actual opening time, but they should be able to open for us a few minutes early.  They were able to last time…

2012 Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix - Silverstone Circuit

The British GP at Silverstone has a lot of Formula 1 history, since 1949.  The circuit is so well regarded that 2+ of its sinewy, chicane-like curves, Maggots & Becketts (see turns 10 thru 13 above), have been reproduced in turns 3 thru 6 of the Tilke-designed track at “our” new Circuit of The Americas track (see below).  Now, THAT is cool!

Circuit of The Amrericas circuit - showing 'Maggots & Becketts' detail...

Silverstone is a 5.89 kilometer (3.66 miles) circuit with 18 turns.  It is characterized by a variety of curves that have been modified numerous times throughout its 60+ years of racing history.  As usual, it should make for a good race & lend more to the unpredictability of who will win this coming Sunday…rain or shine.

Join Us for the 2012 British GP - SAF1C Race Watch Party

We hope to see you there – GO RACE !


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