Austin Red Bull Racing Team Video

Here’s that final cut of the newest Red Bull Racing Team video.  This was recently filmed in & around Austin, TX last month.  This was put together with David Coulthard driving around the Circuit of The Americas.  Towards the end he’s kicking up an awesome rooster tail on the yet to be paved 3.4 mile future race circuit.

I found it interesting how they were able edit the downtown driving sequence without any of the bystanders that were everywhere…as you can see below.

David Coulthard smoking the Red Bull Team F1 Racing car for MANY downtown Austin race fans!

Red Bull did a great job on this video – it’s all over the Internet!  ENJOY…

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This is the website home of the F1 Club for Formula One fans located in San Antonio, Texas. F1 racing is coming to Austin, Texas, less than 90 minutes away! Let's organize together for local F1 race watching parties!
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