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San Antonio F1 Club logoThe San Antonio F1 Club (aka SAF1C) is a non-profit club for fans of Formula 1 racing located in San Antonio, Texas.  The idea for this club was born in July 2011 after having participated in some Austin F1 Club Formula 1 race viewing parties.

Dan Scanlon (SAF1C founder) met with Charlie Robinson & Sondra Sondregger (the original AF1C co-founders) to discuss the formation of a similar club for F1 fans in San Antonio, TX.  Weeks later, the newly founded AF1C Board of Directors agreed to bring on the SAF1C as a sister club & to support them as they got started.

An important part & a major reason for the SAF1C formation is the forthcoming Formula 1 racing series returning to the USA, in Austin TX.  As to its location, the Circuit of The Americas (COTA) is a purpose-built racing facility being created just 2 miles south of the Austin Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA).  This will be much more than a Formula 1 track.  Besides Formula 1 racing coming in November 2012 (& contracted for 10 years), other series have contacted with COTA:
Moto GP (starting in 2013 for 10 years)
V8 Supercars (starting in 2013 for 5 years)
– and a 4th, as yet unnamed, racing series…maybe the ALMS Racing Series?

The San Antonio F1 Club is a group of like-minded individuals who meet to share Formula 1 enjoyment.  Like the AF1C, we are coordinating F1 racing watch parties in San Antonio.  These are informal get togethers at local eateries, usually on the same Sunday as a Formula 1 racing event, but DVR’d for later afternoon group viewing pleasure.

The San Antonio F1 Club is an informal club, with no dues or ranks.  All is accomplished through volunteer efforts.  More details will be available as the club continues to grow.  Other means of communication are in development – here is our Facebook page.

Please free free to share your Formula 1 fan fever participation…

Welcome to the San Antonio F1 Club!

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This is the website home of the F1 Club for Formula One fans located in San Antonio, Texas. F1 racing is coming to Austin, Texas, less than 90 minutes away! Let's organize together for local F1 race watching parties!
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